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360 Degree Feedback Surveys and Customized Questions

CorpMetrix 360 Feedback Surveys are designed to provide organizations with valuable insights into their leadership capabilities. By collecting feedback from a variety of sources, including supervisors, peers, subordinates, and customers, our surveys provide a comprehensive and well-rounded view of leadership strengths and weaknesses. The results of the survey are analyzed using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which identify the true drivers of leadership effectiveness and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

Our online reporting platform makes it simple for organizations to collect and analyze 360 feedback data, and our engagement professionals are available to assist with any questions or challenges. Our 360 Feedback Surveys are not only a valuable tool for individual development, but also for organizational growth and success. They provide leaders with the information they need to make informed decisions about their own development and the development of their teams.

In addition, our 360 Feedback Surveys help to create a culture of feedback and continuous improvement within organizations. By providing regular opportunities for employees to give and receive feedback, they help to foster open communication and build stronger, more productive teams. Whether you are looking to develop your own leadership skills or those of your team, CorpMetrix 360 Feedback Surveys are a powerful tool for achieving success.

How 360 Degree Feedback Surveys Work

CorpMetrix & DecisionWise are working in a way that makes the 360 degree feedback process safe and easy to administer.

Our assessment advisors will guide you along the way. They will help show you the benefits of 360 degree feedback and handle all of the complex logistics of survey administration. We suggest, or develop the survey, create the timeline, manage rater lists, send out reminders, and generate the reports so you can focus on what is important; creating personal development and change.

The DecisionWise 360 degree feedback tool provides you visibility into the survey administration process. You can select, modify, and approve both participants and raters on the system interface.

Coaching on 360 Feedback Survey Results

People are often surprised by the feedback they receive on the 360 degree survey. It can be an emotional process. We may miss the overall message being sent by the feedback. It is critical for the participant to talk through the results with their manager or a coach to create a personal action plan. DecisionWise with CorpMetrix provide expert coaching, or can show your team how to debrief survey results and coach internally. 360 degree feedback creates self-awareness; coaching helps participants use this new information to change.

Why use 360°feedback?

360 feedback surveys can help leaders understand their impact on the team and organization, and identify areas where they can make improvements to better support employee engagement and productivity. The feedback also provides a starting point for personal and professional development, and can inform the creation of targeted, effective development plans. With Corpmetrix, 360 feedback surveys are safe and easy to administer, and our assessment advisors provide guidance and support every step of the way.